Sage Kitchen was originally created for my family and friends who want to eat healthy and fresh but simply don't have the time and/or energy to shop the farmer's market and then prepare meals.  

I shop the Culver City Farmers Market on Tuesday and Santa Monica Farmer's Markets on Wednesday for the highest quality, most beautiful produce available and create delicious meals with these premium ingredients. I also use fresh vegetables and herbs from my own organic garden. Because I believe in supporting local businesses, I choose Santa Monica's Co Opportunity for produce and ingredients that are not available at the farmer's markets. I select locally grown, organic produce and create unique, flavorful dishes far beyond the standard issue salad.  



Why "Sage" Kitchen?



The sage plant, beyond it's soft green velvety leaves, yields a powerful herb with several medicinal and culinary uses. People commonly burn dried sage to cleanse and purify their environments.


Sage can also describe a certain wisdom derived through reflection and experience.


When I create a meal, I focus on the overall health benefits, exceptional taste and thoughtful presentation. Sage Kitchen provides a wise choice for people who want to enjoy nutritious, delicious food by offering carefully prepared meals that can be enjoyed at the peak of freshness. When ordering Sage Kitchen, you are supporting small, local businesses and local farmers. You are choosing organically grown produce that's better for you as well as our environment. You are making a choice that's wise for your body and mind and wise for our planet.


On a personal note, the word "sage" incorporates the first two letters of my son's and daughter's names, because beyond all else, they are my world and are the main reasons why I strive to promote a healthy life based on wise and thoughtful choices.