I walked past this rose earlier this week and had to stop to take a picture of it. I realize now that it reminded me of a delicious salad that I've been enjoying daily for the last few weeks. I'm posting the picture as a reminder to myself to share the recipe with you as soon as I get the chance.

In the meantime, have a beautiful, sunny weekend!


Comfort and Joy

My trip to the Farmers Market this morning was a bit cold and rainy, but it was all well worth it. The fragrant and slowly simmering soup on my stove is indeed bringing me comfort and joy this afternoon. In addition to bringing home ingredients for my soup, I scouted out the best and brightest things to purchase on Tuesday and Wednesday for Thursday's menu. Beets, butternut squash and dark, crispy greens will be featured on this week's menu, along with some old favorites (Apple Cobbler & Taco Salad). This weather has me craving big warm bowls of fresh soup and nutrient-dense green salads at the end of the day, so I'm offering two cooked meals that feature the best of both raw and cooked worlds. Check out the menu page for details.

Yes, things have changed a bit in Sage Kitchen, and I truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Please revisit the "How It Works" page for details. Here are the important things to know:

1) Sage Kitchen will now function on a pick-up only basis. When you place your order, I will email your confirmation with specific options for pick up location and hours.

2) Pick Up will be available on Thursdays from 8:30am - 2:00pm.

3) Menus will be posted on Sunday evening (or earlier, if possible). Please place your orders before 10:00pm on Mondays.    

I am so very happy to return to the kitchen to create and provide healthful and delicious meals. I look forward to actually seeing you all this coming year in lieu of stealth drop offs on your doorsteps. I hope you'll contact me if you have any questions. I'm always glad to hear from you!


Happy Everything

I am so very happy to announce the return of Sage Kitchen in 2011!

I'll be back here on Sunday with a new menu and details on what's new in the kitchen.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I hope each season of this new year brings you a bounty of blessings, sweetness, gratitude and bliss. Thank you, 2010, for being such a good year. You really were beautiful.


Summer Love











Dearest Summer of 2010,

I have a huge crush on you. Thank you for all your sweet, fragrant, sunny, juicy, bright and shiny delicious dreaminess.


Sage Kitchen




The past few days have been splendidly sunny. The sun and the heat and the sweet breezes inspired me to create some summer refreshments today. Coconuts taste and smell like summer to me...

I enjoyed young thai coconut water straight up out of the shell after a warm morning dog walk. Forget gatorade -- this natural gem replaces electrolytes without all the chemical sketchiness. Once you figure out your favorite method of opening this type of coconut, you can enjoy them more often as a great, healthy beverage and will incorporate them into many recipes. Some people simply hack away around the top of the coconut (as seen at many farmers markets). This approach worked fine for me for the past few years. But after an explanation from Ani Phyo and this demonstration, I've adopted the kinder, gentler opening method. At the Co Op, and I'm sure at many other places that stock them, the nice produce guys will gladly open them for you. The water and the meat inside the shell have endless uses. Coconut cashew cream, vegan yogurt, sauces, dips. But for today, after a hot workout on the Mar Vista stairs (a great fitness secret) I was inspired to create this recipe for a simple, refreshing, delicious, summer-iffic Coco-Nutty Smoothie:



1 young Thai coconut

3 organic dates pitted (I used honey dates, but any type of fresh date is fine)

1/2 cup nuts (I used soaked almonds, I'll try my favorite cashews next time)


Open coconut and pour water into blender with coconut meat from the shell, nuts and dates. Blend until smooth and creamy. Add ice and water until you have the consistency that's perfect for you. 

That's it! Enjoy!

I've incorporated coconut into the menu this week n the form of coconut sweet potatoes. A happy accident led me to create this recipe over the weekend and it was so good, I had  to share it with you! I also enjoy simple fruit salads for lunch, so I've added one to the menu this week too.

Another random tip that I've been happy to add to my summer moisturizing plan: coconut oil! I use it as my moisturizer on my skin and in my hair. It smells great & nourishes my skin and hair without unnecessary chemicals. It's a bit oily, so use it sparingly.

So when you're looking for a delicious and nutritious refreshment - as my mom used to tell me - use your coconut!

Have an awesome week!