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Simply Delicious Green Juice

The combination of citrus and greens is not just limited to the salad bowl. Green juice is such a healthy, energizing and nourishing way to start your day. By removing fiber through juicing, your body doesn't have to work as hard to get all the vitamins and nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you select. Many people shy away from just the thought of green juice for fear of a bitter taste. One of my kids described the inital fear best: that it might taste like grass. But that same kid has since become an innovator of green lemonade. So I thought it would be a good idea to share a simple recipe to demonstrate just how delicious green juice can be. 

The basis of green juice is any leafy green and any other fruit or vegetable. The combinations are endless. This recipe is yet another Garcia Farm-inspired creation. Sweet like candy, but also tangy, refreshing and oh-so-good for you. You can play with the proportions to suit your taste. 

Simply Delicious Green Juice

 3 leaves of curly kale (stems & all)

1 cup spinach

2 lemons

2 Satsuma mandarins

1 lime

3 Fuji Apples (cored)

1/2 inch ginger (optional)


This juice is so easy because there's minimal peeling involved. Satsumas are extremely easy to peel. Besides removing the core of the apple, juice the the fruit whole.

Juicing 101 tip: juice your greens and harder fruits and vegetables first. I juice the citrus last because it's liquid helps move the other more fibrous ingredients through the blender.

Simple, right? It is! Another great thing about juicing in general is that kids think it's fun. When they are involved in the juicing process, they are more likely to drink it. Remember that it's best to enjoy this fresh. So do your best to enjoy it soon after it's been juiced and make sure to refrigerate it. It's best in the first 24 hours. I feel best after juicing dark leafy greens, but you don't have to start there. Romaine is a nice mellow substitute for the kale. Spinach is a great starter too. Listen to your taste buds and create your own juicy masterpiece. (Celery and apple juice is one of my all time favorites.)

If you wonder what to do with the juice pulp, you can blend it into smoothies. Another favorite of kids of all ages! We'll get to green smoothies soon too. But for now...

 It's time to get those creative juices flowing!

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