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Fare Thee Well

I've been hesitating on this post for days now, but truly, I know it's time for a change in the kitchen. The big news is that I will no longer offer my Sage Kitchen weekly menu. As bittersweet as that is for me to write, I am also happily anticipating the possibilities to come. I look forward to keeping you posted and promise that I will. Even though it's time for a change here, my commitment to health, goodness and well-being remains the same. I will continue to feed and nourish and help people eat fresh, healthy fare. It's what I love to do. That makes me happy and gives me joy. So I will still be here sharing ideas, thoughts and recipes. I'll be shopping the farmers markets and developing new tastes, and kicking around in the kitchen as I always do. Reading, planting, growing, seeking, whipping up the yum and sharing the good word, so please continue to visit me here. 

I'm grateful to each and every one of you who has supported Sage Kitchen. It literally began as a dream and I feel so incredibly fortunate to have seen hopes and vision manifest into something so nourishing not only for me, but for others. I've enjoyed your stories and loved your happy emails and phone calls. I hope you'll continue to stay in touch. Because of you, I'm full of gratitude and happy lessons learned, glad for sweet and meaningful connections to so many. All your support and encouragement is sustenance for decisions to come.

Be well. Take the very best care of yourselves.



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