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Juice Days


















I miss you Sage Kitchen! I hope all of you are well and wonderful and healthy. I was inspired to put something on this page today because my days have been filled to the brim with thoughts and talk of health and fitness and food. All this talking and thinking made me miss the process of Sage Kitchen. The direction of my days: dreaming up menus, scouting at the market, connecting with the growers, creating, preparing, and ultimately sharing the harvest of health and joy to a circle beyond my own family. I miss knowing that I've truly nourished beyond my own kitchen and my own dining table and made someone feel healthy -- or at the very least -- better. I've been hoping that you are all out there truly nourishing yourselves and feeling great because of it.

But there are small things in every day that remind me to appreciate this place right now. Almost every day, one simple reminder is a fresh green juice. The simple work of preparing it, the moments of savoring it, a clarity that follows it, the energy that comes from it. Simple. Pure. Juice. You don't get much simpler than that. I feel like all the goodness and vitamins go straight to my cells. That's good stuff.

I'm checking in because I missed Sage Kitchen and all that it means to me today.

And I felt a need to share a little juice. 

Sending you hopes of wellness and love.  xo, b


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